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Melbourne has plenty of transport options to get you around town or across the country. Australia's public transport system is comparatively safe and affordable. Depending on where you live it can include trains, buses and trams. You can buy tickets at train stations, and at newsagencies or onboard buses and trams.

Train: Suburban trains are faster than trams or buses, but they don't go to many of the inner suburbs. Flinders St Station is the main suburban terminal. During the week, trains start at 5am and finish at midnight.

Bus: Generally, buses continue from where the trains finish, or go to places, such as hospitals, universities, suburban shopping centres and the outer suburbs, not reached by other services.

Tram: Melbourne's trams cover the city and inner suburbs.Tram stops are numbered from the city centre. There are also ‘light rail’ services to some suburbs which run along disused rail lines. Remember to look out for cars when getting off trams.