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ATMC Executives published in Australian Press Campus Review, November 2017

As Australia’s intake of international students continues to grow, “managed campus solutions” have arisen to help keep universities afloat in the international market.

With international education now Australia’s third largest export, it comes as no surprise that organizations such as the Australian Technical Management College are now offering services aimed at improving what our institutions have to offer, and the kind of experiences they create for international students.

Chief academic officer Professor Mike Clements said ATMC was working with universities and VET providers such as the University of the Sunshine Coast, Federation University, Charles Darwin University and the Baxter Institute to improve the experience of international students.

“Our experience at ATMC is that our international students make a significant contribution to our economy that goes far beyond their initial enrolment fees; specifically, we find that when we connect our students with meaningful learning opportunities, the economy sees a strong flow-on effect for years after they graduate,” Clements said.

“The key here is using the unique ATMC managed campus solution that keeps students engaged and connected to Australian business, culture, and education.

“Their concept of delivery is based on a combination of academic excellence and expertise; along with a highly focused student-centered approach where the student experience is paramount.

“This learning environment, in conjunction with our quality framework delivery mode, provides a very successful partnership with Australian Universities as a true differentiator in the marketplace.”
ABS statistics show that Australia’s international student intake hit a record high this year, while the inbound education market grew by $28.6 billion.

To improve international education, new initiatives such as managed campus solutions seek to maintain student retention rates, provide smaller classes and student services, link students to student placements and help educational institutions stand out in the global market.