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Internship Insights

CDU Interns

Wednesday 3rd June ATMC CDU Internship Presentations

Five Masters of Business (Professional Practice) final semester students: Lin Ju; Chuchu Xiong; Shefali Beri; Cheen Ven (Elisa) Tran and Ajay Raviniyar each presented their observations and learning experiences from their individual 12 week internship placements to an audience that included both prospective internees and current internship providers as well as CDU and ATMC staff. They are pictured above with Asheley Jones Executive Director of WIL and CDU ATMC lecturer Chandana Unnithan (Ajay Raviniyar not pictured).

The internships involved placements with both large corporations such as Myer; Alfred Health and Greater Group; as well as SME’s such as Dino Accounting and Repute. It was clear that all of the interns felt they had learned a great deal during their time in the Australian workplace culture.

First to present was Chuchu who was placed with Alfred Health who claimed that “the diversity of the Alfred Health workforce was huge” and that her internship allowed her to understand the importance of payroll within an organization that employees over 7,000 staff. Chuchu declared that learning to prioritize was the most important lesson she learned whilst in her internship.

Second to present was the only male in the group, Ajay an MBA student, who was placed within the marketing and sales department of an SME. During his internship, Ajay realized he loves the marketing side of running a business and wishes to pursue a full-time career within this area. Ajay stated that the teamwork he learned “which is very different to the teamwork required for a university assignment” was an important lesson, as he realized “there’s lots of listening involved in a successful team.” Clearly, Ajay honed his listening skills as he has been offered a full-time position within the Repute marketing team.

Third cab off the rank was Elisa who was placed with greater Group in an accounts receivable role. Elisa stated the “Internship provided me with the opportunity to learn from my mistakes.” Following the completion of her internship, her internship supervisor who now employs Elisa on a casual basis, said, “I don’t know what I will do without her. Elisa hopes her current role will be made full-time before much too longer.

Next up was Shefali an MPA student who was placed within a niche accounting practice where she received SAP training. Shefali stated that the internship “enabled me to become familiar with the Australian workplace, and most importantly my communications skills have been enhanced.”