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The Power of Attraction

Power of Attraction

On Saturday 6th June, 20 students braved an early start on a cold Melbourne morning to attend an internship preparation workshop conducted by Colin Wilson, Director of KBA and a renowned career coach. 

The tone was set in the first few minutes of the workshop “My job is to make you street smart, to make you understand the job market and what skills you need in order to succeed, to identify your power of attraction to a prospective employer.”

Students were then broken into teams, and asked to choose a team name, we thus ended up with five teams: Team Avengers; Team Revengers; Team NEVER BE LATE; Team Fantabulous and Team Terminators.

During the workshop students were asked to identify the two things they most liked about ATMC:

Responses included: “The facilities are great, I love the design [of the campus]”

“The ATMC faculty is very helpful.” “The internship provided is extremely important”

Focus, determination, passion and consistence in performance, these were the attributes the workshop attendees identified as pivotal to succeeding within their internships and continuing career.

As students left the workshop, their high levels of enthusiasm for what they had learned were obvious. One student stated, “I was expecting a boring talk, but what we got was great advice on how to sell ourselves!”

There are three further workshops scheduled for 20th June, 27th June and 4th July. 

Colin Wilson