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Innovative projects assure work ready ATMC FedUni Graduates

Fed Uni Graduates

Following the exciting announcement in the inaugural ATMC WIL newsletter of our purchase of a license for an end-to-end management talent tool, we have begun to map ITECH projects to the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA), the appropriate AQF level and individual student capabilities! 

In order to begin our trail blazing initiative whereby FedUni ATMC graduates can demonstrate their work readiness through the completion of real life projects, I have been working with both onshore and offshore IT companies to identify projects for those students who are nearing the end of their undergraduate or postgraduate IT/IS studies.

In the last few weeks, I have visited the 3 ATMC FedUni campuses to conduct 2-hour workshops to better prepare both undergraduate and postgraduate students in their understanding of expectations for the provision of tender bids at the beginning of the July semester for project allocation. (Please note, as a seasoned PM, I have a few projects up my sleeve for those who enroll in week 2 of the semester!)

Over the coming few weeks, following the completion of this semester’s exam round, students will be asked to self-identify their key IT and business capabilities, which will then be logged against a host of projects mapped against the skill sets contained within the newest version of SFIA (version 6) Thus ensuring competitive advantage for these potential graduates as they seek job opportunities post graduation!

In order to ensure these real-life projects provide optimal experience to the teams, ATMC will be hiring two project supervisors – one for Melbourne and Geelong, the other for Sydney – to interact between the clients and the student project groups, to ensure both parties remain aligned in their understanding of the intended project outcomes (in terms of project deliverables and subject learning outcomes), which for most groups will culminate in their second semester of the project.

Next month, I look forward to revealing the project allocation across campuses and across student undergraduate and postgraduate groups! So, stay tuned!!