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Two of many Melbourne PY success stories !


Mr Bhaveshkumar Prajapati, one of many ATMC PY graduates, was successful in his career search at the first go.   

Bhaveshkumar started his PY program internship with eBlueprint and is now a full-time Business Associate.  Bhaveshkumar is seen in the picture with Anjali Maindiratta, Manager (Professional Year).



Mr Harsh Solanki is another success story of the ATMC higher-education program and PY program. Armed with a Bachelor of Information Technology from the Federation University, Harsh quickly enrolled with ATMC PY.  He was successfully placed as a Community Manager at Outcome.Life.



During his internship, Harsh gained experience in web development, client meetings, market analysis and in user acceptance testing. Harsh opined that the PY program @ ATMC was extensive and intense. 

"I learnt how an individual is supposed to behave in a work environment, culture that is specific to living here in Australia. My trainer made the study topics quite interesting by sharing his real life examples which were more like a story than a monotonous class.

The program has helped me from being a student to now being a professional especially the experience I had during my internship.

I enjoyed the lecturers that were teaching the subjects that I had taken. It was all about the individual experience. I had ample written and practical resources and I found some of the lectures to be excellent", said Harsh.

In the near future Harsh would like to start his own business and share his experience with and help out other International students.

ATMC wishes our PY graduates the best in their future endeavours !