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ATMC/ presents the Job Pathway Webinar Series, an engaging and highly informative series covering a wide range of industries. This week’s subject is Finance and Accounting. 


What is being an accountant really like? Whatever fears of the profession you may hold, there is no need to be afraid of accounting. In this webinar we will help you to become familiar with the industry so that you might one day land a well-paid job, or even service your own business by making informed decisions about your finances. 

In this webinar you will discover the similarities between accounting and finance and how they differ. If you enjoy working with financial figures, choosing a career in accounting or finance could be a great decision for you.

Each week we are joined by amazing guests who offer webinar participants highly valuable, inside knowledge of their relevant industries and advice on getting a foot in the door when it comes time to launching your career.

Our webinars are facilitated by Marketa Moses (Program Manager at and our moderator this week will be ATMC accounting lecturer Adrian White, who has published extensively on accounting and tax-related areas and holds a Bachelor of Professional Accounting Association. Adrian has the perfect accounting skillset to guide you in your career!

Also joining us will be Atul Mongaa Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and an MBA from London Business School. An alumnus of Deloitte and Grant Thornton (GT), Atul currently helps FinTech and other innovative technology companies to transform and scale. 

Everyone is welcome to join us for what we be an informative and fun webinar. We hope to see you there!

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