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English Language Support

Please login to the following link: ATMC provides the opportunity for all students to attend English language support sessions for both general and academic purposes and for IELTS (The International English Language Testing System) Preparation.

General Purpose English

General English support sessions are scheduled weekly throughout each semester to assist students with both general and specific English Language skill development. ATMC encourages students to enhance their English language skills in the four macro skill areas of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.


Communication and clarity of expression are of central importance to all aspects of study. Strategies for developing and extending vocabulary include the use of a dictionary and /or a thesaurus for word meanings, practising using words in a variety of contexts and reading widely to discover new words.

ATMC students are encouraged to access the extensive resources available in the ATMC library, located on campus and to participate in classes on campus.


The rules of English grammar determine how words are used in a variety of settings and contexts. Using accurate grammar in spoken and written tasks is important for all students at ATMC. ATMC provides the opportunity for all students to enhance their skills through individual and group sessions.

Speaking, Listening and Presenting

Communication is central to all aspects of the education process and to lifelong learning. Speaking and listening are integral to the entire process of communication for educational and social purposes. All students at ATMC have the opportunity to enhance speaking and listening skills in conjunction with reading, writing and presenting information.

Oral Presentation Skills

Effective oral presentations require detailed planning and preparation, including such aspects as audience considerations and concept mapping. Techniques and strategies for the delivery of oral presentations are discussed and practised in group or individual sessions at ATMC. Listening skills form an important and integral part of the practice sessions.

Reading and Researching

Reading Strategies - ATMC provides the opportunity for students to practise effective reading and research strategies such as skimming and scanning, identifying key words and main ideas, reading for meaning and evaluation of resources.

Note taking Skills - The development of good note-taking strategies is important for all students when researching topics for assignments, finding relevant information and main ideas, summarizing in one’s own words and for revision purposes.

Academic Writing

Presenting a clear and unified piece of writing is an essential requirement in the completion of tasks and assignments at ATMC. The linking of sentences and paragraphs in essays, reports, resumes, letters and research papers is of paramount importance in the establishment of meaning and unity in English writing. ATMC provides individual and group sessions to practise and enhance writing skills.

IELTS Preparation

The IELTS test consists of six modules: listening, academic reading, general training reading, speaking, academic writing and general training writing.  Students preparing for the IELTS test choose to do either academic or general training, reading and writing.  All students taking the IELTS tests do the same listening and speaking test.

ATMC offers special sessions for students preparing for the IELTS test.  Training is available for the Academic Module of the IELTS test and for the General Module of the IELTS test. Students are trained and assessed using a variety of practice tests in the four macro skill areas of listening, reading, writing and speaking.  Each skill area is studied in detail and practiced during the sessions

The General Module of the IELTS Test

The General Module of the IELTS test includes listening, general training reading, speaking and general training writing.
The topics given for Task 2 of the writing test relate to everyday situations and activities such as family and health issues, leisure, sport and how environmental problems can be solved.

The Academic Module of the IELTS Test

The Academic Module of the IELTS test includes academic reading, listening, speaking and academic writing.  The topics given for Task 2 of the writing test relate to education technology and social issues.

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