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If you are unable to enter Australia due to current travel restrictions, you can enrol and commence your studies online. 

Don't wait another six months - get a head start and enrol today!

ATMC Online Enrolment & Timetable Selection

ATMC students are required to enrol online for their upcoming semester’s classes. If online enrolment is not completed by the deadlines listed below, the student’s graduation will be pushed back 6 months.

Please see the details below for further information surrounding the enrolment and timetable selection process.

If you need any further assistance with enrolling online or choosing your timetables, please feel free to contact us via the following avenues:

Helpline: +61 4 8880 5001 

Helpline - India (local call):  +91 880 055 9609

Email: info@atmc.edu.au


Federation University

Online enrolment deadline: Friday 27th March 2020

Online enrolment step-by-step guide (PDF download): http://atmc.edu.au/downloads/447-federation-university--how-to-enrol--mysc.pdf

Online timetable selection step-by-step guide (PDF download): http://atmc.edu.au/downloads/449-how-to-select-timetable-for-feduni-students--rto-manager.pdf


University of the Sunshine Coast

Online enrolment deadline: Friday 27th March 2020

Online enrolment step-by-step guide (PDF download): http://atmc.edu.au/downloads/448-usc--how-to-enrol.pdf

Online timetable selection step-by-step guide (PDF download): http://atmc.edu.au/downloads/450-how-to-select-timetable-for-usc-students--rto-manager.pdf


ATMC VET & Baxter Institute

Link to ATMC VET website (click ENROL NOW when redirected): https://vet.atmc.edu.au/

Link to Baxter Institute website (click ENROL NOW when redirected): https://www.baxter.vic.edu.au/


Professional Year

Email: info@atmc.edu.au