There are a number of accommodation options available for students to choose from regarding accommodation in Melbourne. ATMC Melbourne is based in the Central Business District (CBD).

Sharing accommodation is very popular with international students. You should look for advertisements on campus noticeboards and local newspapers. When renting a house, apartment or bedsitter, landlords require rent to be paid in advance and will require a security bond equal to one months’ rent.


In Sydney, affordable and comfortable accommodation with convenient public transport services are widely available.

ATMC Sydney is based in the Central Business District (CBD). Accommodation is readily available in the CBD and outer suburbs, where 24-hour public transport services are easily accessible.

Most students who study in Sydney stay in private accommodation. You can rent an apartment or house with friends, find share accommodation through local real estate agents and newspapers.

Finding the right place could take some time, so you should book temporary accommodation before arriving. You can find more information about finding accommodation visit,

Share House

The most popular type of off-campus accommodation is sharing a house or unit with other students. Students do their own cooking and share the cost of household expenses. The cost for a single room is approximately A$75-A$150 per week. Living expenses including food, water, and electricity are additional to this. Most share houses are unfurnished.

Townhouses and Home Units

Are generally larger than flats and contain two to three bedrooms. They are particularly suitable for families and often have a small garden area. They range in price from A$250 – A$400 per week


Consist of a lounge and/or dining room, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, laundry and two to four bedrooms. If you are planning to rent a whole house, you should be prepared to pay somewhere in the vicinity of A$300 – A$500 per week (approx A$75 – A$125 per bedroom). Please note that most houses for rent will be unfurnished so you will have to allow for the purchase of furniture. The front and backyard maintenance is usually the responsibility of the tenant.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are usually run by organizations such as Youth Hostels Australia and the YMCA, students share kitchen and bathroom facilities. They range in price from A$80-150 per week.