about atmc

ATMC is a nationally recognized educational institute registered in the state of Victoria, Australia.  

About atmc

As a frontrunner in international education, the Australian Technical & Management College (ATMC) provides a pathway for international students seeking higher education in the fields of Business and Management in Australia and abroad.

First established in the Indian subcontinent, ATMC has evolved into a flourishing nationally recognized educational institution in association with two leading Australian universities that specialize in the fields of information technology and business: Federation University Australia (Fed) and The University of the Western Sydney University (WSU).

The college has campuses in Melbourne and Sydney, offering a range of innovative courses designed to prepare students for the global workforce.

Our campuses are located in some of the most liveable and culturally diverse cities in the world, so our students are guaranteed an unforgettable international study experience. ATMC campuses are warm and inviting, and specifically catered to support students studying abroad.

We offer a range of degrees that are delivered in a personalized and practical learning environment with a strong focus on global industry connections. ATMC students graduate with the skills, knowledge and relevant industry experience necessary to make a significant impact on the world.


ATMC, in association with Fed and WSU, offers an exciting collection of bachelor’s degrees, graduate diplomas and master’s degrees in engineering, Information Technology and bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business and accounting. There is an absolute commitment to keeping the degree programs offered up-to-date at all times and relevant to the industry environment nationally and internationally. At the ATMC the class sizes are small so that students enjoy the learning experience and don’t get lost in the crowd. The staff is accessible. At the ATMC students are a name, not just a number. In fact, academic and administrative staff get to know the students.


Modern equipment

Resources are put back into the College to develop facilities and services that benefit students. The College employs contemporary technology in all aspects of the business, delivery, and services.



Classrooms are spacious, fully air-conditioned and inviting. The classrooms are equipped with technologically up-to-date learning and teaching equipment and resources. The ATMC is dedicated to providing the latest and best hardware (on campus) and software solutions (24/7 virtual labs) for all students. From diverse operating systems (such as XP, Linux, and UNIX) to high-end applications software (such as .NET, Java Enterprise, Case Tools etc). ATMC provides training in all of these areas. ATMC campuses are BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and require students to bring their laptop to the classes to access virtual labs.


Student Mentors

At the ATMC we recognize that students might need additional help with their academic studies. So at ATMC, we assign mentors to each of our students. This offering is open to all ATMC students, free of charge, whereby they are able to work with high-performing, more senior students, who act as their mentors. These mentors, students with specialized knowledge who have excelled academically, are employed to assist students, whether individually or in small study groups.


Job Placement Assistance

At the ATMC we provide job placement assistance in which complete guidance is provided in terms of resume preparation, mock interviews, etc.


Student Support Services

While academic excellence was, and remains, highly valued, the ATMC provides niche advantages in the range, depth and suitability of its student support services, not available at most other similar educational providers. 

  • Do you require full information about your program prior to arrival? We will provide it.
  • Do you seek a helpful Orientation at the commencement of your studies? We will deliver it to you.
  • Would a senior student mentor be of assistance to you as you commence your studies? One is ready and waiting.
  • Will you need to find casual employment to assist with your living costs? We can assist with a developed list of useful contacts.
  • Do you seek a safe and friendly social program (from parties to talent quests) with your fellow students?  One is available.
  • Would you like to engage in popular periodic sporting events?  These are arranged.
  • Do you want to be kept up to date with all facets of College life? You will receive the regular ‘Student Talk’ newsletter.
  • Do you require support with spoken and written English?  We have well-proven programs to assist.
  • Will you seek confidential counseling concerning your academic progress and living arrangements?  We do this as part of our service.
  • Do you wish to pursue your studies further?  We can offer a variety of highly credentialed graduate programs.
  • Will you seek a strategic career after graduation?  We can offer skills development and general job search advice to help you achieve this goal.

The Future

The College’s strategic vision has been to expand the ATMC’s operations into the international sphere and a considerable amount of resources and energy has been dedicated to the pursuit of this goal.

The established ‘base’ in India with ATMC’s Australian IT Skills Colleges will progressively expand into neighbouring Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Further target countries and regions include China, the Middle East and Switzerland, Eastern Europe and South America. Other locations are under active consideration, which will in due course contribute toward an international network of campuses with core values and academic offerings, each ‘tailored’ to respond to the particular international location.

With these opportunities in mind, the College’s marketing team has been expanded correspondingly to provide ‘face to face’ exchanges between international partners and the authorities that determine what programs can be offered by whom in their jurisdictions.

The descriptor of ‘College” is an apt one for the ATMC, as it recognizes the ‘collegiate’ attitude between fellow staff and their students. It also connotes the caring, interest and concern shown by staff towards the student body be it through ready personal access, social intermingling or the wide-spread provision of specialized services that support settling into the Australian culture, developing English language skills, providing career advice and the like.

The aim is not just to make a successful business or even an academic institution that is recognized for excellent outcomes but to create a place where the families of international students will be befriended, supported and encouraged as important human beings who are welcomed into the ATMC family. At the completion of their ATMC studies, our students will, in turn, go on to serve future generations. Making a positive difference throughout their professional careers in their countries of origin and elsewhere around the globe will be the ‘hallmark’ of their ATMC educational experience.  


Welcome to the Australian Technical & Management College (ATMC), an ideal educational provider for students seeking an industry relevant higher education degree.

ATMC offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs at our Melbourne and Sydney campuses. The ATMC is affiliated with two leading Australian universities, Federation University Australia (Fed) and Western Sydney University (WSU), and aims to provide students with an industry relevant, high quality education.  Our programs are delivered in a personalised learning environment with a caring student-focused approach.

Our niche advantages include assistance in ‘settling in’ via a ‘buddy’ system, accommodation advice, identification of part-time employment opportunities, a lively student social program, English language enhancement, ready access to our tutors and state-of-art facilities.

Upon successful completion students are awarded highly regarded Fed or WSU degrees that are internationally recognised.

We wish you and your families all the best, especially through successful studies with us. We really look forward to getting to know and to support you at the ATMC.

Dr. Manish Malhotra, Chairman and Founder
Australian Technical and Management College

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