Student Services

student services

At ATMC we are dedicated to providing all our students with the very best support services so that they have a successful academic and personal experience. In addition to the normal support services, international students are provided with a range of specialist services such as assistance with resume-writing and looking for part-time work. Students have access to welfare-related support services to assist with issues that may arise during their study, including program progress, attendance requirements, and accommodation. These services are made available to all ATMC students.

Download the 2023 ATMC Student Handbook for more information. 

Student Wellbeing and Emotional Support

The Student Services department is familiar with the legal requirements of the ‘Education Services for Overseas Students’ Act. Such understanding will include the Code of Practice formed within the act, immigration and visa conditions, welfare arrangements, overseas student health cover.

The department will act in accordance with college policies, procedures and the government legislation pertaining to students, and in particular to the ESOS Act. Provide information on visa conditions such as

  • Course Progress and attendance requirements
  • Contact details
  • Working while on a student visa
  • Providing information about ATMC facilities and procedures
  • Arrange learning support to help with academic difficulties 

Student Services is responsible for the orientation and on-going welfare of all international students at ATMC. The Student Services team will launch the student on their educational journey from orientation to organizing social activities and excursions; we pride ourselves on providing international students with the highest level of support possible. The Student Services Team Leader can be contacted via email: or phone +61 3 8327 3100. So please don’t be afraid to ask!


Special Needs

Persons with special needs may access the Director of Student Services to put in place sufficient reasonable adjustments to make study in Australia and at ATMC as conducive as possible. Contact us on either detail of how we can best support you.


Referral Services

The Student Support Officers will answer any general questions students may have and assist students in the settling in period at ATMC. Students have access to welfare-related support services to assist with issues that may arise during their study. This can involve referral to relevant services such as:

  • Legal Services
  • Emergency & Health Services
  • Counselling Services etc.
  • Complaints & appeals process 

Orientation Week

Orientation is organized before the beginning of every semester. All students are given information covering the services, policies, procedures, the course and the detailed training plan at the student’s arrival to the college. We have also compiled a list of things in this Student Induction Manual that is very useful to new students settling into Australia, for further information on study life in Australia please visit the following website:

ATMC is committed to providing the best modern hardware and software solutions for all our students. From diverse operating systems (such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX) to high-end applications software (such as .Net, Java Enterprise, Case Tools etc), ATMC provides training in all of these areas.

All labs are equipped with high-end HP servers, database management solutions, modern multimedia workstations, and wireless devices. 


Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are usually run by organizations such as Youth Hostels Australia and the YMCA, students share kitchen and bathroom facilities. They range in price from AUD $80-150 per week.

If you need ATMC to arrange for Temporary or Permanent student accommodation, please email the request to ATMC on 

FedUni CRICOS Code 00103D | ATMC CRICOS Code 03013D

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