Departure & Arrival

Departure & arrival

You should arrive at least one week before your classes start to allow time for your enrolment and orientation. This will ensure you have a smooth transition to living and studying in your new environment.

Before leaving home

  1. Read about your destination at
  2. Check passport, visa, medical requirements and airline bookings.
  3. Pack carefully for life in a different climate. In addition to appropriate clothing, you should bring specialized medication and household items such as sheets, towels, favorite cookbook or special cooking implements
  4. Have a small amount of Australian currency for initial needs ($100 AUD). There is a currency exchange counter in the Arrivals Hall at Melbourne International Airport.

Customs and immigration on arrival

Before arrival in Melbourne, you will be given a Customs and Quarantine form to complete. Answer each question carefully as fines for violations are very high. Australia has strict regulations to ensure against diseases and pests. Do not bring any parcels into Australia if you do not know the contents. If you have items that must be declared to Customs it is wise to pack them together in easily accessible luggage.
Transport from International Airport

Once you have cleared all incoming passenger checkpoints, you will be welcomed to Australia and directed to the Arrivals Hall. If you need to exchange some money into Australian dollars you will find Currency Exchange booths throughout the airport.
If you have arranged for friends or relatives to meet you, they will be waiting for you in the Arrivals Hall.
Public transport is available at all international airports (see below) and most regional airports. You can generally expect that a taxi service will be available, and you may also find buses and trains.



Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is compulsory for student visa holders. BUPA is the preferred OSHC Provider for ATMC.

For detailed information, please visit BUPA.



A student bringing a spouse and/or children to Australia must demonstrate that they have enough money to support them before the Australian Government will issue a visa. It is a condition of the dependant visa that all children between the ages of 5 and 18 must attend school full-time. More information regarding primary and secondary school fees can be found on the websites below.

Primary school fees

Secondary school fees


Student visa conditions

Australian student visa regulations require international students to enroll in the full-time study and to complete their course of study within the minimum course duration. The minimum course duration at CDU, as quoted in this Prospectus, is based on a standard full-time study load of four units per semester for a coursework degree. Students are permitted to study online for no more than 25% of their course but may not be enrolled exclusively in online learning units during any semester of study.

Australian student visa conditions require international students to:

  • Maintain full-time attendance
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • Notify the University immediately of any changes in address and contact details while in Australia
  • Complete their course of study within the period of their student visa

Further information can be found at:

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