ATMC, a leading provider of educational services, announces the discontinuation of the ACS Professional Year Program (PYP) after a successful tenure. This program, renowned for equipping recent international graduates in  IT with essential work readiness skills, will no longer accept new enrolments. Existing students will be supported through a teach out to complete their coursework and internship.

This decision is a result of extensive deliberation, influenced by changes in policy and the current economic climate. Despite these difficulties, ATMC remains committed to the principles and goals of the PYP and values our association with the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs, as well as the accrediting professional body, Australian Computer Society

ATMC expresses gratitude for the opportunity to deliver this impactful program and remains open to future collaborations that could revive and sustain a high-quality offering in this domain.

Please note, this decision is specific to the ACS PY Program and does not affect any other ATMC business units or partnerships.

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