Teaching & learning

Learning Support Services

ATMC provides academic support for all students enrolled in a course of study.

Support includes general language sessions, IELTS Preparation, Career Development sessions, and assistance with general ATMC work requirements. Student Mentors are available to assist.

Learning Contexts

The lecture will generally contain the core information to be covered for that week. All students enrolled in the unit will attend lectures as a group. The tutorial provides an opportunity to discuss the lecture and talk about topics in detail. Sometimes students are asked to present papers individually or as part of a group in a tutorial.

Laboratory Sessions (Labs or Pracs) are practical classes, where students conduct tests and experiments with the assistance and supervision of lecturers or tutors.

Self Directed Study is a student’s personal program of study which fits around the “contact hours” of lectures, tutorials and labs. This personal program includes reading, research, writing up lecture notes, writing essays and reports, discussion with other students and lecturers, studying for exams, etc. A well organised and regular study program is essential for success at ATMC.

Studying at ATMC may seem difficult at first. It is natural to take some time to settle into your studies. If you are having difficulties, discuss this with your lecturer or tutor. Your lecturer or tutor is available to assist you if you are not sure what is required, or if you are having difficulties. Most lecturers have timetables on their doors indicating when they are available to see students. Alternatively, e-mail your lecturer and ask for an appointment.

Student Mentors

First year students are allocated a senior student to act as their mentor and assist with the smooth transition to Australian student life. We at ATMC recognize that students might need additional help in the academics and pastoral areas. So at ATMC, we assign mentors to all ATMC students, free of charge, whereby they are able to work with high performing, more senior students, who act as their mentors. These mentors are students with specialised knowledge who have excelled academically, are employed to assist all current students academically and socially, either individually or in small study groups.

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