Australia has been by far amongst the top destinations for International students, with a dream to study abroad. Study in Australia is more than an educational experience; this country offers multi-cultural feel and pleasure that baffles students coming from abroad. Australian universities provide a large number of courses and employment opportunities during and after the course. Study abroad in Australia is uniquely different and helps student bloom into a confident, independent and creative thinking professional. The USP of studying in Australia is that one is assured of getting quality education as the Australian government makes sure that colleges in Australia never compromise on quality. Plus, Australia is also less expensive as compared to other countries in the world, which makes it highly demandable universities among International students. Australian Universities also provide every kind of support by means of law as well as human relations to students coming from abroad. Students want to study abroad because it will lead them to a fascinating world of adventure, new culture, new people new country. Study Abroad programs also add new dimesions to a students career with opening the doors of the world for you to work for.

Finding the right accommodation is one of the biggest challenges faced by a new international student who has came all the way to Study Abroad. To Study In Australia, finding a place in your price range can be even harder. The fact is that there is a shortage of affordable housing across Australia that affects everyone, from Australian residents to International students who come to Study Abroad. It is extremely important that you factor the high cost of housing into your budget before you come to Australia, and have access to funds that will cover possible rent increases.

You should also use the information in this book in conjunction with your own research. If your institution has an international office, contact the staff long before you arrive for information on housing options on or off campus. They might be able to provide you with links to accommodation boards on your institution’s website, or within the community. Also, keep an eye on websites like and which list accommodation for rent. This should give you a good idea of the type of accommodation that is available to a person with your budget.

Another good tip for the students who come in Australia to Study Abroad is, to get references from people you may already have rented accommodation from at home. Providing copies of these to a real estate agent when you apply for a property can show them that you have a proven record of being a good tenant. You should also be prepared to provide them with evidence that you have enough money to pay for your accommodation, for example with a bank account statement.

Types of accommodation

There are many different types of accommodation available, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs. Most accommodation, except homestay, does not include electrical items, furniture, bedding or kitchen utensils. Cheap household goods are available from second- hand retail outlets or are advertised for private sale in newspapers or on institution noticeboards, but you may wish to bring some of your own basic items.

Your institution can provide you with advice on accommodation options. Temporary accommodation can be arranged for you before you leave home so that when you arrive you have some time to consider your long-term options.

  • Homestay
  • Hotels & Guest Houses
  • Boarding Schools
  • Campus Accommodation

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